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A provably fair lottery with up to 40% ROI each round, a massive daily giveaway and community funded fundamental nodes.

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How it works?

Here are some brief instructions on how to enter the lottery. Be sure to follow so you do not encounter any issues. Contact us on discord for help


Generate a unique deposit address for your payments by pasting your wallet address in the current round section. This address that is generated can be used multiple times and for multiple rounds as it is tied to your b3 address forever. To purchase tickets send 10kB3 for 1 ticket to the generated address or for 10 tickets deposit 100kB3 and so on


Our software will then allocate you the purchased tickets instantly. Each lottery runs for a maximum of 6 hours with every 100 tickets sold decreasing this time by 30 minutes. 30 Minutes will be added every time the minimum total tickets sold is less than 10.


Once the round ends all tickets will be awarded a position in our winners pool. 90% of all tickets from the round can win up to roughly 40% (14kB3) with payments made to winners instantly by our software. Every winning ticket will give you an entry into the daily giveaway


If your ticket was part of the losing 10%, don't worry you will get your B3 back eventually. Your ticket will contribute towards a community fundamental node pool which will make payments to your wallet every time it gets a reward. Every losing ticket will also give you an entry into the daily giveaway


Innovative features that benefit everyone.

Enjoy peace of mind when buying our tickets knowing that no matter what happens, in the long run you will get your B3 back. Think of this as an investment.

Great Odds

Every ticket you buy has a 90% chance to win. Payouts can be as much as +40% down to +1.6% with a total of 6 different payment stages. The lowest stage (the losing 10%) are entered into the losers pool where they automaticallly own a share of a community funded fundamental node. Every ticket purchased also gives you a ticket into the daily giveaway!


B3 Lottery vows to be as transparent as possible in all elements of our website and coin handling. If you have any questions or would like any information please feel free to contact us on discord

Provably Fair

The lottery is provably fair, there is no way the site can cheat you by picking a lottery winner who we favour. All winners are picked randomly through a series of algorithms.


All coins are sent to a private wallet address at an IP address unknown by the public. Custom software personally written by B3 Lottery will deal with any deposits and payments required by the site. Our database of records is also hosted in a seperate location to help and keep all data safe incase of a breach. All connections between the services are on a private network.

Dynamic Round Time

Each round has an initial timer of 6 hours. Every 100 tickets purchased will decrease this time by 30 minutes to a minimum of 30 minutes for the round. If the timer expires and less than 10 tickets have been purchased then the round will continue until 10 or more tickets have been purchased.

Community Fundamental Nodes

Community funded fundamental nodes are B3 Lotteries biggest feature. B3 Lotteries owns a FN where any losing tickets of the lottery end up owning a portion. Any funds that the FN generates will be spread equally to portion holders. Fundamental node stats.


Questions and Answers.

Common questions we receive and some answers. If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to contact us on discord. Well will try to keep this updated as much as possible

What are the security features?

We have at least 3 servers running B3 Lottery - one for the wallet, one for the database and one for the website. By running php over ssl for all data calls this ensures that server ip's remain private providing a level of security for your coins. The wallet is run on a server with our custom software which passes deposit information through to the database via an encrypted link. When depositing first check the url and ensure that there is the green secure logo and that the certificate matches otherwise you may be depositing to the wrong address.

What happens to my coins when I buy a ticket?

When you purchase a ticket by depositing to our address, our software detects this deposit, records how much you deposited and records your sending address. When the lottery round ends our software will send the funds to any of your winning tickets to your original sending address. Any losing tickets will have their address and a percentage of a fundamental node given to them. This percentage can increase depending on how many times you have lost.

What if I forgot to add fees?

We know that this can happen sometimes so if you send us an amount that is less than a full ticket eg 9.9kB3 then we will refund it instantly minus a small transaction fee. This will also work if you send 119kB3, we will refund the 9kB3 so you have the right amount for tickets.

Do you have fees?

No our site does not have any fees. When paying the winners we will cover any fees associated so you get back the full amount displayed. We do however take 6.25% of the remaining funds after paying out winners or a total of 0.05625% from the total tickets during that round to help cover the payout fees and any site maintenace/upkeep costs. The other 93.75% remaining after paying winners goes towards the losers fundamental node pool and the daily giveaway. Payouts from the fundamental nodes will be paid out 100% to the owners

How do I get paid?

By generating a deposit address with your B3 Wallet address, any payments we receive via the generated address will be tied to your b3 wallet address. The wallet address that you purchase the tickets with will be the wallet address that we return the winnings or fundamental node payments to. We will cover any fees when paying out to wallets but incomming fees must be covered by you! Be sure if you are using an exchange wallet that your deposit address does not change or you may lose any payments that B3 Lottery may send your way.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I buy?

No, there is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase each round. Just remember that there are only 90% instantly profitable tickets. So if you own 100 out of 105 you will lose. Losing isn't always a bad thing though especially since when you do lose you earn a percentage of the community funded fundamental node.

Can I send from an exchange?

Yes, aslong as the exchange is on the same block chain as we are there should be no issues in sending from an exchange. Just make sure that the when generating a deposit address you use your deposit address on the exchange as anything you win will be sent back to that address. It is best to purchase 1 ticket and test if the system works before going all out.

How do I get a wallet?

Visit or and download the latest wallet version for your operating system or visit one of the many supporting exchanges such as or

What is the community funded fundamental node?

The community funded fundamental is a node which B3 lotteries has purchased and is now giving away portions to losing tickets. We have purchased it in full so now anyone who gains a percentage ownership of it can start recieving payments straight away. To earn a portion of the fundamental node all you have to do is lose. That's right lose, all losing tickets will be giving a small percentage depending on how much is in the loser money pool once the lottery round ends. Every time you lose your percentage will increase. There is an unlimited number of times you can win and lose as we will just purchase more and more nodes.

I have a problem how do I contact you?

The best way to contact us is to chat with us on discord at B3Lottery Channel